"I shut my eyes in order to see."

I am a lover of the deeper meaning of art, but as well, am just as opposed to have art be just that.  Perhaps in mine, you will see something that others don't that only one's eye can determine upon their own discovery of what a piece may mean to them.  This is what art does.  I offer only the canvas and build upon it what I have seen.


They say art is a mixed media... but for me, it is a sensory medium. Look upon a work. Look again. It isn't the painting at all that you see. It is the sight and sounds that accompany it. An unaware journey that our subconscious takes us too. I see the colors but hear the sounds and become wonderfully lost. On the surface is the creation... but it is the artist's gift who sends us beyond the canvas unlocking our imaginations and emotions. Be it pigment or pixels or Michelangelo pulling life from stone, art has that power to evoke in me that small child of wonder and awe.


With that said, I don't claim to be a photoshop guru, nor do I proclaim to be a prolific artist.  I have been inspired and have been driven to create, whether it be in pigment, pixels or prose... bad or good, this is a collection of works of what I do and what I do is create imagery. Take from it what you will.


Paul Gauguin